Blue Flower

Closing Out The Pandemic

 Well it has been a year since all the Covid-19 craziness started with no end in sight to the bike and parts shortage.  It is not going to improve until next year at the earliest.  As you can imagine, this situation is not very good for local bike shops.   Most derive the majority of their top line revenue from new bike sales and not selling bikes is a big hit!  Many of the bikes we ordered last summer have been pushed back until May!  

Where does that leave us today?  In the past there have been discussions about re-developing the location where Mojo currently operates.  We have agreed with the landlord that given the current situation and after 17 years here that now would be a good time.  This certainly feels bittersweet but the current plans include a retail location for a bike shop and so when the dust settles and this pandemic abates we hope to be able to re-open in a modern new facility right here in the same location.  We would like to find a partner to assist in the development and operation of the new shop so contact us if you feel that desire!

So the plan is to start reducing our new bike inventory to zero ASAP! Oh wait, mission accomplished, thanks Covid!   Seriously though, we may not have bikes to sell but we will be reducing inventory and taking care of service work going forward.   There are plans which will have to be finalized and approved so the timing is still unknown both in terms of when we will be closing and when the new construction will be starting so stay tuned for more information.   Once we have closed, you may be happy to know that Carolina Beer Temple is going to remain open throughout the construction so you can always come by and check on progress while you enjoy a cold craft beer!