Blue Flower

Pandemic Induced Vacation!

With the current situation of new bikes not available until October and parts impossible to get through normal channels, we have made the decision to temporarily close the shop for a few weeks starting Wednesday August 26th and re-opening on Wednesday September 23rd. 

It would be easier to list the parts we can get than the parts we cannot but suffice it to say that without brake and shift cables, brake pads, tires, tubes, cassettes, freewheel, shifters, bottom brackets, cranks, wheels, etc. it is very hard to run a bike shop! 

A lot of people have asked why this happened and when it will end.  In my opinion, it started with the tariffs and companies looking to move some manufacturing capacity out of China and reduce capacity in China.  Then when Covid hit initially, China shut down its manufacturing.  When China should have been ramping up manufacturing again, Covid hit the US in March and initially companies figured bike sales would go in the tank like everything else so they were making plans to limit production and avoid warehouses full of unsold bikes.   It wasn't until May that they realized what was happening and tried to ramp up production but it was too late and we have been behind a power curve of demand ever since!

Its not getting better any time soon either.  I am hopeful that maybe in the spring next year, availability of most items will be restored.   While we are closed we are hoping to re-stock parts, re-charge our batteries and hit the ground running or at least walking fast when we re-open in September!