Blue Flower

COVID-19 Update 3


The summer of Covid!  The last few months have been both frustrating and rewarding.   A couple of people couldn't wait 15 minutes to drop off their bikes and one person complained because we didn't answer the phone ( we get ~75 calls/day) but overall it has been very rewarding keeping the shop open during this pandemic, serving the local bike community and helping parents get their families out of the house!

Since we re-opened in May, we have processed over 1,000 bikes.  Since we have such limited storage, the turnover has been insane.   We really appreciate the fact that most of the bikes have been picked up quickly after we let you know it was ready.   As an aside, some of you folks need to set up or empty your voice mailbox!

Closing on Tuesdays during this pandemic has been great for our productivity.  Some people have thought we closed to get some extra time off, but in reality it has allowed us to focus 100% on bike repairs Mondays and Tuesdays and has allowed us to keep our average turnaround time for a full bike tune-up to around 11 days.  It has also made for some long days and we are all getting a little worn out!    

With the current situation of bikes not available until Fall and parts hard to source, we have made the decision to temporarily close the shop for a few weeks (a.k.a. taking a break) starting Wednesday August 26th and re-opening on Wednesday September 23rd.  Also, since we will need to make sure we can get all the bikes to their owners, please note that the THE LAST DAY FOR DROP-OFFS will be Thursday August 6th!   After that, we can still do small repairs but in most situations we will not be keeping the bikes for any longer terms repairs.

Thanks to everyone for all of the support and patience the last few months.  We feel blessed to be in such a wonderful community!