Blue Flower

Closing Out 2020

Mojo Cycles is opening again and we are making a few adjustments for the final quarter of 2020. WIth bikes and supplies impossible to keep in stock for the foreseeable future, we will need to have a lot of patience to get through this year and probably most of next year.

The current situation is still very tough for the bicycle industry. It is certainly a golden problem compared to the suffering that has occurred in other industries like travel, hospitality and many retail operations. The bike industry just was caught off guard by the increased demand for new bikes and repair parts. On the one hand, it is nice when a shipment of bikes arrives that you have been waiting on for months, but then they are all gone within a week and you realize you have nothing to sell for months again! Most popular bikes ordered today will not arrive until late spring or early summer next year! As far as repair parts, It is like christmas when a stockpile of parts becomes available and you try and stock up, but those parts are quickly gone and you wonder if you have enough to get by until they become available. In normal times, we could put together large orders and get shipping and volume discounts, but if we do that today all the parts sell out while you are putting together the order so we just buy whatever we can when we can so costs have gone up.

As far as costs, we have been notified that both unit and shipping costs are going up 10-15% across the board on bikes and parts. Some of this is caused by increased component and shipping costs for the manufacturers (e.g. flying product to reduce shipping time) but it is also just a matter of supply and demand.  This is probably not contained to the bike industry so it looks like the Federal Reserve will get their wish next year about wanting more inflation.

One big change that we are making here at Mojo Cycles is eliminating our Saturday hours for the Fall. With the weather getting cooler, we want to avoid crowds in our small shop. There is a lot of casual traffic on Saturday and it will be impossible to maintain social distancing during this period. Instead we are going to open again on Tuesday for regular hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but hopefully with so many working from home, this will not cause too much hardship.

So our current hours of operation going forward will be:

MONDAY: Closed
FRIDAY: 10-6
SUNDAY: Closed